Deputy Voter Registrar Training

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Detailed Instructions

  1. To become a Deputy Voter Registrar (DVR), you must be a registered voter. You have to become a DVR in the same jurisdiction that you vote.
    Check your Illinois voter registration status here.

  2. Fill out this form. It's your official request for ILVOTE to sponsor you to become a DVR.

  3. We will contact the Illinois State Board of Elections and submit a request for training for you.

  4. You will be contacted by your election authority about the next training.

  5. Once you've completed the training, the Board will notify you of your status.

  6. While all that's happening, we'll add you to the ILVOTE Facebook group as well as our Google group listserv.

  7. In the meantime, you're welcome to start volunteering at Voter Registration Events. You can help voters register either online or using the "motor voter form" before your DVR application is complete.
    More about the different methods of registering to vote.

Rules for Deputy Voter Registrars in Illinois

  1. You must train to become a Deputy Voter Registrar (DVR) in the same jurisdiction where you're registered to vote.

  2. Deputy registrars must be trained, take an oath, and be appointed as provided by state law.

  3. Once you are trained, you may register anyone in the state, in any jurisdiction.

  4. Appointments of deputy registrars are for 2-year terms, commencing on December 1 following the general election of each even-numbered year; except that the mid-term appointments shall be until December 1 following the next general election.

  5. Deputy registrars must not engage in any form of electioneering while registering voters. This includes working for or against a proposition or candidate while conducting voter registration.

  6. Deputy registrars must complete registration forms neatly and follow the specific directions of the election authority.

  7. Deputy registrars must return completed registration materials within 7 days of completion.

    • If new registrations or cancellations are taken between the 28th and 35th day before the election, deputy registrars must return completed materials to the election authority within 48 hours.

    • If registrations or cancellations are taken on the last day for registration, deputy registrars must return all the registration material to the election authority within 24 hours.

  8. Deputy registrars can be removed for cause.